Viewing life through the lens and depth from the Grand Canyon proves that life’s length, breadth, and height is larger than we know it. Therefore, live life gracefully and humbly.

Interestingly, while I was taking pictures at the Grand Canyon, it dawned on me that my camera could not capture the depth and magnificent nature of the Canyon. And as I pondered on it, I realized that when we meet people and associate with them for a period of time, we still might not have understood them fittingly. Unfortunately, if we fail to adequately and consciously understand one another, we end up making untested assumptions. And when we make untested assumptions without meta-cognitively investigate the assumptions, we end up avoiding one another. By avoiding one another, we end up doing a disservice to humanity.


“Every man I meet is my master in some point.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self discovery is an endless pursuit, and we should never come to a point of claiming absolute knowledge about anything, because such claim dwarfs our ability to be teachable. And when we become unteachable, we are ripe into a degenerating generation.

Metaphorically, the Grand Canyon truly represents the length, breadth, and height of life, because nobody can adequately describe the magnificent nature of the Grand Canyon. All we ought to do is learn, live, and positively impact humanity.