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The Efficacy of Fear and Humanity

My trip to West Africa for lecturing and to present at an international conference taught me a lesson about humanity and the efficacy of fear. After lecturing to final year industrial-organizational psychology undergraduates at a prestigious University in West Africa,...

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There are No Physical Borders in the Airspace

The imaginary borders we create in our minds and human relationships manifest through our interactions with one another. In the airspace, there are no physical borders that separate countries, but humans created those internal prison walls. Overtime, those internal...

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The Length, Breadth, and Height of Life

Viewing life through the lens and depth from the Grand Canyon proves that life's length, breadth, and height is larger than we know it. Therefore, live life gracefully and humbly. Interestingly, while I was taking pictures at the Grand Canyon, it dawned on me that my...

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How to Become Your Own Inner Hero of Conflict

Collaboration works effectively when everyone involved in the process understands the power of the inner hero of conflict. In other words, it is extremely difficult to encourage or motivate anybody who is not self-motivated. Such motivation quickly fades away. Stephen...

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